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June 25, 2007:
Almost had a disaster yesterday. Someone accidentally deleted our database. Took the whole site down. Luckily we were using CTI Remote Backup".


June 25, 2007:
Finally got True High Speed Internet at home. My DSL usually ran around 700Kbps. With CTI Wireless i'm getting speeds at blazing fast 4500Kbps. Having faster Internet means I get more work done. That means I can make more money.

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(July 1, 2007)

Welcome to!

After sitting around the office and admiring our new rack we thought it would be cool to have a place to share our rack. We thought it was such a cool idea that we created Let us know what you think.

Come on, Show Us Your Rack! Help us by sharing your racks. It's really simple. Just upload and describe your rack and everyone can see your pride in joy. Have a rack that breaks all the rules? Go ahead and post it. Let everyone know they're not the only ones with a rats nest. Don't forget to share the site with your friends.

About Rackchelle

Since we decided to create we figured we needed a mascot. We contacted a graphic designer and told him what we wanted and thus Rackchelle was born. It's all just for fun. We thought it would be interesting to do a site to show off our racks. At the very least, we hoped others would enjoy our Rackchelle and

Thanks for stopping by!